The Unrecognized States Philatelic Society

The Unrecognized States Philatelic Society (the Other USPS) was founded in 2008 by a group of Cinderella collectors primarily in the Memphis, Tennessee, area. It meets irregularly in members' homes and various public spaces. Membership is free for any interested persons who actually show up at the meetings. The society publishes no journal nor does it sponsor any official communication. At meetings members "show and tell" their recent aquisitions and swap/sell unwanted duplicates.

The Unrecognized States Philatelic Society Stamp Program

Every meeting of the USPS sees the release of at least one new society sponsored Cinderella or art stamp. These issues consist of reprints of classic Cinderellas as well as new fantasy issues from the fertile minds of the society's new issue committee. Initial issues were all reprints of classic German area Cinderellas (a pet project of one of the members) but from there society issues expanded to include fantasy philately for the British Empire, German area, and a number of other places which we hope to soon catalog on this website.

Updated May 28, 2011