Stamp Reprints and Philatelic Creations

If you have found yourself on this page you are probably interested in items that are, for one reason or another, banned on the eBay website. Although eBay's policy states that reprints and reproductions can be sold on the site provided they are identified as such it is often misinterpreted. Some of the more problematic issues are listed here.

All of the stamps and labels featured on these pages are modern productions. They reproduce historic stamps and parody issues from historic periods. There listing here is for historic purposes only and should not be taken to imply support for any distasteful regime. If you object to the subject matter of these stamps then don't buy them!

All stamps/labels are dry gummed and never hinged. The inks are color fast and do not come off if the stamps are soaked. In general, stamps are shown at about twice their actual size. Your screen resolution may effect the size of image you see.

The minimum postage for stamps is $2 ($3.30 foreign; $2.25 Canada) but feel free to accumulate multiple lots for the same postage. Stamps ship for free with the purchase of any higher postage item. Remember to adjust the postage charge if paying by paypal or wait for my invoice. Stamps from this page can be combined with eBay lots for postage purposes provided you pay for all of your items at the same time.

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Updated 25 June 2009