Returns & Replacements - eBay and Otherwise

Chances are, if you have found this page, that you have a problem with an item that you bought from me on eBay or through my website. No one, it seems, looks up the return policy before they bid or buy. Before doing anything else, e-mail me with your concerns and if you bought through eBay do it through the eBay message system so that the entire exchange will be documented. Simply go to the eBay description of the item in question and click on contact the seller.

First of all, I'm a hobby seller not a store or a business. I do not make my living on eBay or through online sales. The vast majority of the items that I sell are one-of-a-kind remainders from my own collections or items that I have picked up to trade or sell to get materials I do want. I also have a 40 year accumulation of books and periodicals. I do sell some new items but they are only a small part of my eBay listings.

In the case of new items, I offer same-for-same exchange for defective books, DVDs, CDs, etc. These types of items are never returnable because they were not what you expected or you simply didn't like them. However, if I send you a new CD or DVD that is dead on arrival I'll be happy to replace it with another brand new copy of the same title. Obviously, there can be no replacement for a collectible or book that is one-of-a-kind. Still, I want you to be happy and I will work with you within reason. In all cases, you must tell me you have a problem within seven days.

If I do ask you to return an item send it to:

Matthew H. Gore
PO Box 144
Ellendale, TN 38029-0144