Militaria — Third Reich, USA, & etc. . . .
Banned Militaria:

Third Reich ~ If you have found this webpage then you probably already know that Nazi era militaria and political collectibles are banned from eBay and many other international auction sites. My sales of Nazi era materials in no way implies any support for fascism in any form. I simply collect and trade WWII era relics and Nazi materials are important part of this.

United States ~ While most American militaria can be freely traded on most internet auction sites there are a few items that are banned from sale. These include the higher level medals and decorations for valor including the Congressional Medal of Honor, etc. While the Medal of Honor cannot legally be traded in the United States the same prohibition does not exist for the other valor awards. I mean no disrespect to the service persons who have earned these awards but they are an important part of American history and militaria collecting.

Keep in mind that I will not knowingly ship Nazi era materials to countries where they are illegal so please don't ask! All items are one-of-a-kind and subject to prior sale. I mark items sold pretty quickly but in the unlikely event that you pay for an item that has been sold a refund will be issued ASAP.
United States Army Distinguished Service Cross - MINT ~ Recent Strike.
Steilgrenate 24 Potato Masher stick grenade ~ Modern Replica.
German Army Dagger - white handle, Nazi era ~ Vet Acquired.
Nazi SA Dagger RZM marked - Arthur Evertz - Solid ~ Vet Acquired.
Nazi Era Sports Shirt Emblem ~ Unknown source.

Last Updated: March 31, 2010