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DVD Information

If you have found yourself on this page chances are you are considering bidding on or buying a DVD from me on eBay and want more technical information than you found in the eBay lot description. I resell DVDs from a number of sources but the information on this page should answer the most common questions. If it does not answer your question then feel free to e-mail me.

Are these DVDs legal?

Heck yes! The DVDs that I sell are all legitimate products from the companies that hold the license or are films that are in the public domain. They are all absolutely legal in the United States and Canada as well as most of the British Commonwealth. Some films, however, may be banned in other countries. If you are in a country other than the United States or Canada and are considering buying a film, it is your responsibility to know its legal status in your country. If customs confiscates your DVD it is not my problem! With very few exceptions, I sell DVDs that are intended for use in North America (that means the United States and Canada, primarily). If the DVD you are interested in is not intended for the North American market, my lot description will clearly say so. Oh, and, by-the-way, I do not sell any pornography! Some of my DVDs were considered adult when they were originally released in the 1950s and 1960s but they probably would be rated no worse than R today. Again, you are expected to be familier with the content of the film you buy.

Who are your suppliers?

Most of the DVDs that I sell fall into two categories: bargain bin releases or uncommon foreign films. I get my bargain bin items from several supplies but primarily they are from Alpha Video, Passion Productions, and Dollar-DVD. All three companies offer extensive lines of low-priced DVDs. All three are American firms, all produce region free DVDs, and all products are factory sealed. Of the three, Alpha Video is the only manufacturer that keeps their products in print for very long. If you see a Passion Productions or Dollar-DVD title the you want buy it. Chances are, it won't be around for long. All of these DVDs should play just fine in any DVD player on the market. These DVDs are available in stores but almost no retailer bothers to catalog them because of their low prices.

I also stock a number of titles from Classic German Cinema. Yes, I know that not all of their films are German but most of them are. Classic German CInema specializes in German films from the Nazi and Weimar periods and releases them in very small quantities. Almost all of their titles are in black and white and many retain the defects of the original source film. That isn't to say that they are poor quality because most of them are very nice. Remember, the source films are all at least 60 years old! Many (perhaps all) of their titles are unavailable on DVD from any other source. Again, these DVDs are formatted for North America. For most titles, they have no menu or scene index which means they will probably start playing as soon as they spin-up in your DVD player. In general, these films are presented in their original languages with no subtitles and no English language track. They come in a keep case with a color insert and are labeled nicely but they are all in DVD-R format. It is your responsibility to determine if your DVD player is able to play back this format. As an added service, every CGC DVD that I sell has been tested for quality in a Mintek DVD-1600, MDP-5861, Philips DVD 751, and a Sampo DVD-611 as well as in Power DVD on a PC running Windows 2000.