Aage Krarup Nielsen's Travel Books

In the days before the Second World War, Doctor Aage Krarup Nielsen traveled the world. His travel accounts, published by Gyldendalske Boghandel, Copenhagen, in Denmark, were quite popular and issued in a variety of editions and bindings. All were generally available in both perfect bound and hardcover editions. The perfect bound editions are pretty standard oversized trade paperbacks with colorful covers while the hardcovers are usually quarterbound in brown, red, or green leather with marbled boards. Some full leather bindings are known to exist. On occasion shark or snake skin were used on the first editions but these materials do not tend to age as well as the calf. All are 8vo. Danish-language accounts.

For the collector, Nielsen's books are handsomely bound and lavishly illustrated. They offer both observation of an area along with significant history. As they are in Danish, they are not anywhere near as expensive as comparable volumes in English. I have attempted to construct a complete list of editions with known major variations as well as print run sizes. I hope this information will be of use.

The early editions (pre-1930) seem to be quite scarce while those from 1930 to 1945 are only slightly less hard to find. Editions issued after World War II until 1949 appear more regularly on the market. Finally, editions issued from 1950 onward are fairly uncommon. The most recent edition of any of these books that I can confirm to exist was issued in 1958. As can be seen from the edition sizes listed here, all of these books were issued in limited quantities compared to American print runs.

Please send additions and corrections to this list to Matthew Gore. I collect these volumes and am always interested in trading for books that I do not have. I also have copies for sale every now and then.

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