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The Art of Denis McLoughlin: Gallery

No Bull!
Denis McLoughlin's crest.

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This page presents a variety of images by my favorite British comic creator, Denis McLoughlin. In most cases, the image that you see from this page is a thumbnail of the full sized image. Where this is the case simply click on the thumdnail to load the full-sized image.

This web site is under a constant state of construction. So, if you don't find what you are looking for, check back.

This is the decorated title page from THE ADVENTURE ANNUAL c. 1953

Hard-Boiled McLoughlin

Denis did many book cover illustrations for the publishing firm of T.V. Boardman from 1948 to 1967. Here are just a few. (Thanks to Mike Kidson for the B&W scans, to Denis McLoughlin for the 'Tweak" color image, and to Francis Hertzberg for the cover to his book.)

Lady, That's My Skull

Tweak the Devil's Nose, 1955

Murder Can Be Fun
Master of Light and Shade
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The "Workroom" Mural

Pictured here is the giant mural in Denis' workroom. The black & white image shows Denis posing for a publicity picture in 1976 on the release of his encyclopedia of the West, Wild and Woolly. The color image shows part of the same wall as it was in late-1997.

Denis' Workroom Mural
Denis with mural in 1976.
Color Mural
Workroom in late-1997.

Commando Years

Commando is one of the few "native" British comics still being published. Eight issues of Commando come out every month and, generally, at least one of them is graced by the art of Denis McLoughlin. So far, Denis has drawn about 130 issues (look for a list on the information page). Here are two half-page panels taken before the addition of any text so that you can really get a feel for the art.

Commando Panel #1
Commando Panel #1, c. 1985.
Commando Panel #2
Commando Panel #2, c. 1985.

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