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Product image The Comic Art of Denis McLoughlin No. 1: A Comics Monographs Special Issue  ~  Book ~ Stated first edition, 2007. Perfect bound, 102 pages including covers, illustrated in black and white.

British comic artist Denis McLoughlin created and worked on some of the best loved British comics of the 1940s and 1950s. He is best known for the long-running Buffalo Bill Wild West Annual series but he also created science fiection hero Swift Morgan, hard-boiled detective Roy Carson, and many others. This is a retrospective of his crime/science fiction/adventure work for T.V. Boardman from 1948 to 1954. At 96 pages of comics, it is the largest one volume collection of McLoughlin's comic book work published to date. Authorized by the artist prior to his death in 2002. The print run is limited. Shipped flat, bagged, and boarded!

  • Swift Morgan and the Ancient Egyptians
  • Swift Morgan and the Flying Saucers
  • Swift Morgan on the Planet of Destiny
  • Sam English, Museum Rover
  • Roy Carson and the Old Master
  • Swift Morgan and the Robot Empire
  • Swift Morgan and the Beast from Outer Space
  • Roy Carson at the Festival

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