What the heck are Boardman Bucks?
What the heck are Boardman Bucks?

Boardman Bucks are our reward certificates for web customers! The 2007 series, Wild and Woolly Dollars, feature the Western comic art of Denis McLoughlin and come in $1, $2, $5, $10, and $20 denominations. Buy any item on this website and you will get at least one Wild and Woolly Dollar. They may also be purchased in any amount as gift certificates. Our dollars are printed in color on banknote quality paper. More importantly, they are individually serial numbered so we know who gets each dollar and who can trade it in for free stuff! Non-serial numbered bills with the word specimen printed on them are created in small numbers to test each design and may vary slightly from the final Wild and Woolly Dollars. These specimen notes, while they might be "cool" have no trade value (we do sell them on eBay, however). Obviously, Wild and Woolly Dollars must be cashed in by mail.
2007 Wild & Woolly Series

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