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Boardman Books is an online collectibles shop and a small press publisher of comic books and books about collectibles. It has existed in one form or another since 1997.

There are two graphics on this page. Both are very important to the history of Boardman Books. The photograph on the right is of my Grandfather, James Boardman. It was probably taken in the late-1940s but that's just a guess. The image on the left is the Boardman Bloodhound, the logo used by T.V. Boardman and Co., Ltd., on their mystery publications between about 1950 and 1968. The Bloodhound was designed by T.V. Boardman's art director, Denis McLoughlin.

I was interested to read a blog in April 2007 that claimed that T.V. Boardman was actually my grandfather. Nope! James Jimmy Boardman is my only Boardman grandfather. However, it was Jimmy who introduced me to the work of Denis McLoughlin in the mid-1960s when he gave me a copy of the 1954 New Spaceways Comic Annual #1.

Denis McLoughlin was from Bolton, Lancashire, and I lived in Leyland. I began corresponding with Denis in about 1977. By that time my family had moved to the United States. Our correspondence continued until shortly before Denis' death in 2002. Despite our proximity, I never met Denis but I counted him among my friends. Sometime during our correspondence, Denis give me permission to use the bloodhound logo, his nullus tarus logo, and any of his comic strips in limited edition publications. In 1998, I published Best of British Comics and Stories which showcased one of Denis' comics. The print run of that fanzine was only a hundred copies and they are now quite scarce.

The Boardman in our shop's name is there entirely to honour my grandfather, Jimmy. When asked about his connection to the Boardmans down south Jimmy always used to say that they were all imposters. His bookshelves, however, were filled with Boardman publications of all types.
James Boardman

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