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Product image A History of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Kentucky  ~  Book ~ The Cumberland Presbyterian Church grew out of the Great Revival which began in Kentucky in about 1800. This attractive hardcover volume (660+ pages, published June 2000) by Matthew H. Gore, traces the roots of the Cumberland Presbyterian Denomination to the beginnings of the Presbyterian and Reformed denominations in North America prior to the American Revolution. In depth coverage begins with the emigration of James McGready to Kentucky in the late-1700s and the evolving theological and political differences within the Presbyterian Church. Chapters include:
  1. Seeds of Presbyterianism, Roots of Dissent
  2. Dissent's Fertile Ground
  3. The Works of James McGready
  4. Dissent Bears Fruit: Cumberland Presbytery
  5. Formative Period: Cumberland Presbytery 1810-1813
  6. Logan Presbytery 1813-1821
  7. Formative Period 1821-1829
  8. Cumberland College
  9. The Rich Ozone of Cumberland Presbyterian Teaching
  10. Green River Synod and the General Assembly - Politics and Religion 1829-1845
  11. The Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Kentucky is a Court
  12. The Rise and Fall of Anderson Presbytery 1821-1898
  13. Logan Presbytery 1821-1906
  14. Princeton Presbytery 1829-1906
  15. Kentucky & Louisville Presbyteries 1830-1906
  16. Purchase & Obion Presbytery in Kentucky 1819-1882
  17. Ohio Presbytery 1837-1890
  18. King & Cumberland Presbytery 1843-1906
  19. Kentucky Synod 1845-1865
  20. Davis Presbytery 1859-1898
  21. Slavery, Cumberland Presbyterians and Kentucky 1829-1865
  22. Green River Synod, the Final Years 1845-1888
  23. Nolin Presbytery 1873-1898
  24. Mayfield Presbytery 1881-1906
  25. The Case of the Partial Union: the Specter of 1906
  26. Involvement of Women
  27. Kentucky and the China Mission
  28. Kentucky Synod 1888-1906
  29. Kentucky Synod 1906-1946
  30. Kentucky Synod 1946-1988
  31. Owensboro Presbytery 1890-1988
  32. Leitchfield Presbytery 1906-1988
  33. Cumberland Presbytery 1906-1988
  34. Logan Presbytery 1906-1988
  35. Mayfield Presbytery 1906-1988
  36. Princeton Presbytery 1906-1988
  37. The Cult of Personality
  38. Churches of Note

Appendices of special interest to genealogists include:

  1. Class Rolls of Cumberland College: Drawn from primary source material, the rolls include every student known to have attended Cumberland College in Princeton, Kentucky, from its beginnings in 1825 to demise in about 1860. Rolls include all known years of enrollment for each student and their graduation year when known.
  2. Directory of Kentucky Cumberland Presbyterian Churches (c. 1798-1998): hundreds of present day and extinct churches are all listed with their locations (town, village, city, or county) when known. The dates of their existence and presbyteries to which they belonged are given. When known, name and location changes are listed also.
  3. Kentucky Ministers 1810-1988: Ministers are listed by presbytery and date!
  4. Meeting Dates and Places 1810-1988: All known meetings of Kentucky judicatories are listed along with moderators and clerks when known.
Extensive documentation is provided in the form of annotations and bibliography. A topical and surname index is also included.

Published by the Joint Heritage Committee of Covenant and Cumberland Presbyteries, 2000. Hardcover, 660+ pages. Illustrated with numerous photographs. Part of the first edition limited to just 800 copies.

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